Top list of speech writing format cbse class 12 | speech writing samples and examples

speech writing format cbse class 12

speech writing format cbse class 12
speech writing format cbse class 12

A speech is prepared for oral presentation before an an article , it expresses your views on a topic .however ,unlike an article which is formal , it is informal in tone and style. here you can make liberal use of first persons (i , we) and second person (you). The purpose of speech is to inform , persuade or convince the audience / readers about your point of view.

A speech is meant to convey some message orally to a gathering of people . it express an opinion on a specific topic , or shares an observation or expression . A good speech appeals not only to the mind but also to the heart.

How to Write an Effective Speech

  • Introduce your topic clearly
  • All points should be logically connected
  • use simple and natural language.
  • Be polite but film in tone.                        Wikipedia
  • Avoid too many quotations , anecdotes and jargon

note: the students will be asked to write a speech on a topic which will test his Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS). 


Beginning  Greet the chief guest , fellow speakers , listeners , etc.

Announce the topic.

Mention the context or occasion .

Exposition  Develop the topic

Compare and contrast

Use quotations ,faces ,data.

Summing up Sum up your ideas briefly

Conclude with a hope , warning or observation

Don’t forgot to utter ‘Thank you’ .

Useful Tips

  • Don’t use long or too many quotations
  • Being with catchy introduction.
  • Don’t forget to address the chief guest, fellow speakers and others . Thank the audience towards the end . in the examination , you may omit these.


1.You have been asked to deliver a speech on the topic ‘obey traffic Rules ‘ at the morning assembly of your school . Draft your speech in about 150-200 words .you are Rakesh /Vikas.
Respected principal , worthy teachers and dear friends , good mourning ! speech dictionary

I am here to speak on the topic ‘Obey Traffic Rules ‘ Most of my friends are soon going to have driving licenses to drive vehicles.Some of you might be already driving vehicles .So all of you need to obey traffic rules.

Traffic rules are for our own safety . we must follow them religiously , or we will run the risk of causing accidents which may prove to be dangerous . The first important rule is to keep to the left.

We must not drive our vehicle in the middle or to right of the road . Then we should never overtake a vehicle from the left. Another rule which we often break is the use of helmet or seat belt. Though these things are uncomfortable , they save our life in emergency .We should wear a helmet  and use a seat belt not out of traffic but out of the sense of safety .Then we should make it a point not to jump traffic . This may prove to be very dangerous and even fatal.

I hope you’ll observe these rules .Happy driving !

Thank you.

2.You are to speak on the topic “The Importance of Outdoor Activities”. Write your speech in 150-200 words.
Dear Friends ! Good morning !

Most of us are now TV addicts . Some of us are wholly devoted to playing video games. No wonder, we have become domesticated in the worst sense of the term. We are no longer seen on the playground or in a theatre. We do not move out to chat with friends. speech writing format cbse class 12

The result is that we have become a socials. We have no social life. We have only classmates or colleagues. We do not have good friends. We have almost no well-wishers. We have become lonely, busy in our narrow circles. We are losing our health. Our eyesight is bad. Some of us even lack stamina to go to the bazaar and come back.

If we want to lead a good, quality life, we should be active. Outdoor activities must hold our attention. We should go out and play an active game like hockey, cricket, tennis, badminton, etc. We should spare time for our friends. We should go to watch a movie or play. We should attend seminars and conferences and take part in debates. We should go on a long morning or evening walk to keep ourselves physically fit and mentally alert.

If we continue to be devoted to indoor activities, we will become lonesome morons whom everybody would avoid. So be active and be happy.
Thank you.

speech writing format cbse class 12
speech writing format cbse class 12

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