Top 10 line on junk food is good or bad for health

I provide 10 best lines on junk food but first you know the definition that  junk food is a insulting term which containing a large number of calories, dietary fiber , vitamin, mineral and protein. some of the example of junk food are pizza, burger , fried chicken , Hot dogs and many more in market place.

fast food



junk food is a mass gained food for a body . when you serve the junk food then your body gain more weight in less time . this is plus point for those people who have weak and face the weight problem.

All over result to come after many studies. junk food is good for health for a little time in teen age . when you come  or above the age of 25 mainly it effected your health and sometime doctor advice you fully avoid the junk food otherwise its effect too bad.


on eating these junk food in regular basis then it make a cause of obesity and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, non – alcoholic fatty liver disease ,type 2 diabetes and some cancer problem.

you have to knowledge that Australian eats too many junk food :

  • 35 % of adults energy comes from junk food on daily routine.
  • 41 % of children daily energy comes on the same way to eat junk food.


Changing life style of new generation evolve the popularity of junk food in population. many of the traditional dishes adopted the junk food outlets . the main reason of adaption is to decrease the processing and serving time.  top 10 line junk food is good or bad for health

Reason the the popularity of junk food format in india are:

  • opening of shops on road side
  • in addition different counter for Chaats, Beverages and ice creams
  • well fitted chicken placed front of the shop so , it is visible to the customer.
  • you eat these junk food in standing position . there is no sitting arrangement because of conjugated area.

many varities of food offer : list of some popular dishes outlets that offer junk food are given below

western indian :

western indian fast food

  • puff – Masala Puff, Cheese Puff
  • poha  – Masa Poha, Kanda poha, Usal poha
  • jelabi –  Kesar jalebi, Desi ghee jalebi
  • Bhaji Puv – Jain bhaji puv , Butter bhaji puv,
  • Khaman – Locho, Sandwich dhokla, Nylon Khaman , Khaman, Sev khamani, Locho,
  • Samosa – Locho, Alu samosa,  Daal samosa
  • Vada pav –  full fried potato vada sandwiched in  pav
  • Misal pav – cooked sprouted lentils and farsaan in  spicy gravy
south indian
south indian fast food
south indian fast food
  • Idli – Rice Idli, Rava Idli
  • Vada – Rava Vada, Masala Vada,Uddina Vada,  Maddur Vada
  • Dosa – Masala Dosa, Set Dosa, Rava Dosa
Beverages    junk food is good or bad for health
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Lassi
  • Fruit punch
  • Cold Drinks
  • Fresh fruit juice
  • Milkshake
  • Mocktails

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