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In order to attract the attention of the public to a product , job or service . we write an advertisement for the publication in a newspaper or magazine , or for TV display . It is a kind of notice to inform , buy or sell , etc .

In our times ,it has become an absolutely necessary tool of publicity . It is written to :

  1. Ask for or offer services.
  2. buy /sell or rent out property .
  3. Give information or something lost or found.

    advertisement writing format
    advertisement writing format


(a)Classified Advertisements : classified advertisements are usually very brief and they are billed by the word or line .They are called classified because they are grouped into separate ‘classes’ or categories such as matrimonial (relating to marriage or married people) , for property , for sale /purchase or situations vacant etc.

Classified advertisements are always written in a peculiar style. very sensible word are used in economical way.

(b) General/Display Advertisements : These advertisements are more complicated and eye-catching. They make use of visuals. They are meant to enlighten the message about various products and services. They convey relevant information about the features, price and availability of the product.


(i) Make use of memorable captions, and unusual slogans. Wikipedia advertisement

(ii) Use data to influence or satisfy.

(iii) Give convincing arguments

(iv) Provide all necessary details

(v) The heading should be clear, simple and brief, and is a must. what is advertisement

(VI) The body of the advertisement should contain all necessary information such as detailed
features, utility and price of the advertised product or service.

(VII) Mention the name and address with telephone or fax numbers of the advertiser at the end.
Do not use unnecessary words. In classified advertisements published in newspapers, each
word is counted for and charged. advertisement writing format

(ix)Use different types of letters to create an added effect, or to place an special importance aspect of the advertisement.

(X) Use appropriate visuals, it possible to make an advertisement eye-catching.

(xi) Match the tone and style of an advertisement with its subject matter.


  • Begin with Wanted / Required
  • Name of the Post
  • Number of Posts
  • Qualifications required
  • Preferences : mention sex, age, previous experience, additional qualifications
  • Salary
  • Scope for promotion
  • Application / Interview schedule
  • Name of the firm / organisation
  • Address
  • Contact phone number

Examples :

1. As a hotel manager,write a suitable advertisement for a lady receptionist in ‘Situation Vacant’ column of The Times of India’, offering a good package.

REQUIRED a Lady for a leading 4-star hotel. Graduates with excellent command of English and basic knowledge of computer  An excellent package. Terms and conditions are negotiable Attend walk-in-interview from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 4th May 20… Manager, the City Hotel, Cool Road, Gurgaon

2. A.B. Public School, Karnal, requires PG teachers in English, Physics, Chemistry and
Maths. Draft an advertisement for an English daily in about 50 words

WANTED PG teachers in the subjects of English, Chemistry and Maths for a reputed school. The candidates with a post-graduate degree and 2-3 years of teaching experience can apply. Fluency in English is required. Salary negotiable. Apply with complete resume by 10th March, 20.. to the Director, A.B. Public School, G.T. Road, Karnal.
  • Begin with : Professional Qualification
  • Qualification
  • Salary expected
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Job needed
  • Experience, if any
  • Address

Example :

1.You are a retired science teacher and require a job . Draft an advertisement for a newspaper,
giving details of qualifications, experience and expected salary. advertisement writing format

A science teacher, retired from a reputed govt. school, seeks a suitable, whole-time or part-time job as a teacher. M.Sc. (Physics) and B.Ed with 35 years of experience in reputed, urban, govt. schools. Good Knowledge of English. Minimum pay acceptable 10,000/- p.m Contact : S.K. Joshi, 10, Sector 44, Mohali. Ph. 9887665001.


  • Name of institution
  • Eligibility conditions
  • Fee structure
  • Prospectus
  • Course(s) offered
  • Facilities
  • Last date for registration
  • Contact address and phone no.

1.You have recently started a coaching center for Yoga at Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words to be published under the classified columns of The Hindu.

Yoga Center : Learn Yoga to live a healthy life. Yoga center opened in Sarojini Nagar, B-Block, Delhi. Sessions from 5-7 from am and from 5-7 pm. Expert Yoga instructors. Congenial environment. Monthly fee 1500. Register by 20th May, 20… Contact: Swami Yogesh Dutt, 120, B-Block, Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. Ph : 95400987211.

2. You have recently started a Center for Personality Development for school children. Draft an advertisement to be published in a local daily giving all relevant details. (Word limit 50 ).

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT : A center for school children to groom their personality and enhance their confidence level will start from May 3, 20…. First batch registration by 2nd Jan., 20.. Total fee for one session : 2000/-. Contact: Director, Center for Personality Development, Pussa Road, Bengaluru. Ph.: 22500110.
  • Being with : Available / for sale or  purchase
  • Type of accommodation / vehicle
  • Description
  • Price expected
  • Contact address and phone no. advertisement writing format
  • Types of accommodation : shop/house
  • Description : no. of bedrooms , bathrooms , etc.
  • Facilities : water supply , electricity
  • Rent expected ,etc
  • Preference , for any
  • Contact address and phone number
  • Being with : Lost /found
  • Specify the items lost or found
  • Description
  • Reward , it any
  • Contact address and phone number

to be continue…. advertisement writing format

advertisement writing format
advertisement writing foramt

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