Best and tricky way to write an article format| topics |samples|and great example

Best way to write an article format

how to write an article format
how to write an article format


An article is a well-knit composition on a topic. It contains the writer’s own viewpoint. It is generally
written to be published in a newspaper or magazine. It varies in theme and forms and even in tone. An
article for children will have different style and tone from the one meant for the adult readers or experts.


An article is written to
(i) informat
(ii) persuade, or
(iii) entertain


The first thing is to collect the material on the topic, which can be done by reading books, newspapers or
magazines, by interaction and observation. An outline of the article should be made before writing it. The
student should use simple language and avoid high-sounding words or expressions.


»The article should have a suitable title. It should be brief and eye-catching.
» The topic should be presented at the beginning . 
»The body of the paragraph is divided into paragraphs, each paragraph dealing with a new point. wiki article
» The various aspects of the topic should be discussed.
» The article must have a proper ending. It should not end abruptly.
»The name of the writer is either given immediately below the title, or at the end.
» over use of quotes is to be avoided. gramerly article
» A rough draft may be made in case the time permits. how to write an article format
» In order to write a good article, one needs to develop the habit of reading good books and magazine
such as ‘The Hindu’, ‘India Today’, ‘Outlook’, ‘Competition Success Review ‘(CSR) and ‘The Science Reporter’
»The given visual or verbal input must be used in the article.
Note : The student will be asked to write an article on a topic which will test his Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Format for an Article

Title/Heading  It should be brief, relevant and eye-catching
Introduction Introduce the topic clearly in a relevant perspective

Draw the reader’s attention by a rhetoric question, a surprising fact or figure

Exposition present the topic from different angles – merit and demerits , causes and effects , etc
Winding-up Sum up the point already made with personal comment(s)
conclusion Give a concluding remark with a hope, an appeal etc.

Useful tips

1. show your original thinking .

2. Do not use informal language or a artificial style

3. Use a variety of sentences

4. Do not exceed the limit of 150-200 words


1.Write an article on ‘Modern work culture’ . you are Sohail/Rita

Modern Work Culture

                               – Rita

People have been working hard and long in all ages. Until the last decade of the 20th century, hours of work were fixed and specific for office workers. Even there were restrictions of time on shopkeepers. They were asked to close shops on one day a week. In our times, with the coming of computer, internet and other fast means of communication, work culture underwent a drastic change.

The corporate world now offers highly tempting packages to educated employees. However, it has evolved 24 x7 work culture. The employees have to work on their laptops even on holidays and be available to their colleagues. The work has stretched over to midnights. The higher the post the more the time. The word no’ is anathema to the bosses. Holidays are minimum. Leaves are frowned upon. Breaks within the work are resented.

Consequently, the average worker – a trader or an office-goer – is under tremendous stress and strain most of the time. As he has no time for physical exercise, meditation and relaxation he suffers from several lifestyle diseases.

The need of the hour is to say no’ to work that enslaves you and shortens your life. What is the purpose of earning lakhs of rupees when you have no time to spend money on you, when you are destined to land in a hospital for some serious ailment sooner than later? . feel that ‘swach bharat Abhiyan’ has turned out to be another slogan . the common people have not been involved by the indifferent leaders . write an article on ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ‘ you are Vimi/Sumit


– Sumit

There is no doubt that the Prime Minister’s call for ‘Swachh Bharat’ is very timely. India’s image abroad is sullied by our unclean surroundings. One feels ashamed to look at heaps of garbage, refuse and dirt everywhere. We will have to change the scene. Initially, some leaders pretended to be active and launched cleanliness drives in some cities, though for photo-shoots. Then all of their tribe forgot the PM’s call. The common people remain lethargic and inactive as before. The ugly scenes are there to watch. Each one of us keeps our house clean and throws refuse at the door of the neighbor. No one is bothered about the cleanliness of streets and roads. Ponds  of stinking water and huge heaps of waste of all kinds can be seen in big as well as small cities. The civic authorities do almost nothing for cleanliness.
In order to realize the PM’s dream of Clean India, each one of us should be active at the individual level. We should form locality-wise committees to ensure clean surroundings. People will have to be persuaded, educated, tempted and even threatened. Only their willing participation in Swachh Bharat mission can bring about any change in the ugly scenario. how to write an article format

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